About Our Masks

Local manufacturing

Saving Face. Co was founded by two friends, Isa Crossland Stone and Sophie Alais. As Sydneysiders, our mission has been to grow Saving Face. Co close to home. Our reusable masks are printed and sewn locally in Marrickville, Sydney. The unique prints of our Artist Collaboration Collection are designed by Sydney-based artists Bella Meagher and Tara Chandra


Our masks are crafted with materials that have both the environment and your comfort in mind. Each Saving Face. Co mask is designed with a moldable nose piece to ensure a well-fitting and air-tight mask. Our masks use tight-weave 100% cotton outer layer and a breathable bamboo jersey inner layer to create a winningly sustainable and biodegradable combination. Bamboo material is naturally hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and thermal-regulating, so it’s extra soft and breathable for your skin when you’re #savingface all day long.

Artist Collaboration Collection

One key mission of Saving Face. Co is to support and celebrate the work of young, local artists. In our aim and to create fun, expressive alternatives to a newly necessary accessory, we created our first Artist Collaboration Collection - a range of 5 unique printed masks showcasing the original works of Sydney artists Tara Chandra and Bella Meagher. By wearing a Saving Face. Co mask you to are taking part in our mission to support local artists!

Friends with the Planet

In order to care for our planet during this time, we see it as vital that every aspect of our products and service is as eco-friendly as possible. Disposable, single-use face masks stand to be a major culprit of pollution, and the choice to wear a reusable fabric facemask is one which protects the Earth and our oceans.


Our masks are reusable and crafted from biodegradable materials in order to ensure a minimal footprint. We are proud to use 100% biodegradable shipping packaging. 

Non-medical grade


It is important to note that Saving Face. Co does not produce medical-grade face masks. Rather, our fabric face masks are designed to provide protection against hand-to-face contact and to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 in public settings where social distancing practices may be compromised. This aim is in accordance with up-to-date recommendations by the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention). To remain informed of the best practice of wearing a mask, please visit this updated guide

Remember: The No.1 safest option is to #stayhome. No.2 is to #saveface and wear a mask!

Disposable filters

Between the inner and outer layers of our masks is a  pocket for inserting your single-use PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filters for additional filtration as required. For the best hygiene protocol, we advise the disposal of each PM2.5 filter after 24 hours of use. Each purchase of a Saving Face. Co mask includes one complimentary single-use PM2.5 filter. 


Additional filters packs coming soon (stocks limited, so bear with us!) 

Asylum Seeker Center

The Asylum Seekers Centre is commited to providing practical and personal support for people seeking asylum. In addition to continuing their mission during the Covid-19 crisis, the Centre is working to provide additional assistance to and meet the changing needs of Asylum Seekers who have largely been excluded from governmental Covid-19 support measures. In order to contribute to these efforts, we're donating $3 of each mask sold to the Asylum Seekers Centre. To learn more about the Centre and how to provide practical support, get to know them here!

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